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Your intermediate between eCommerce and marketing automation

Goedle.io provides smart sales predictions that help you to actively create an individual customer experience. We act as an intermediate between, e.g., Drip and Shopify, so you can send personalized discounts, bundles, product recommendations, and much more to your customers and actively individualize your marketing campaigns.

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With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, goedle.io analyzes customer data to predict future behavior, provides meaningful insights, and helps to personalize your customer's experience. These predictions and insights are used to customize discounts, bundles, product recommendation, etc. The engagement is not limited to the customer level — our solutions go beyond this! Planning future sales volume based on our traffic and conversion forecast is another use case and realized through our Google Analytics Forecast tool (see below). Our solutions include:

  • eCommerce Customer Analysis
  • Consistent Discount System
  • Shopping Basket Analysis
An example of goedle.io's churn prediction.


Personalize the customer journey and optimize your sales activities

Our predictive analytics enables you to understand your customer's data more precisely, to transform data into actionable insights, and to provide a unique and individual customer experience.

Shopify customer analysis

We ensure deep insights into the customer behavior including (dynamic) customer segmentation, repeat purchase prediction, or customer-lifetime-value (CLV) forecast. Goedle.io helps you to identify potential customers, retain customers, and develop a deeper relationship to them. Learn more »

Consistent discount system

A discount should be a reward for good customer behavior that is in line with the corporate goals instead of just lowering the price. Goedle.io helps you to identify which customers should receive a discount and supports you to develop a consistent discount system. Learn more »

Shopify shopping basket analysis

By analyzing your customers shopping basket on Shopify, you receive meaningful insights into attractive product bundles, high-/low-performing products, or possible up- and cross-sell opportunities. Learn more »


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True beauty comes from within, however, we are delighted to team up with you to make the world even more beautiful.


Our solution enables you to foresee which clothes will sell the best in the future and to increase your sales by customizing your offer.


Regardless of whether you offer nutritional-, vitamin or dietary-supplements, we enhance your sales through our deep predictions.


Traffic & Conversion Forecast

Predicting future traffic and conversion is a complex tasks that requires continuous attention, multiple data sources, and a high-quality forecast algorithm. Goedle.io builds on top of your Google Analytics data to not only consider the current performance of your marketing campaign, but to foresee the future traffic and conversions. Being able to predict the future traffic or conversion assists you by developing targeted marketing campaigns based on the prediction results.

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*Adding Predictions to Your Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics provides great insights about your business. It helps marketers to find out who the typical visitors are, where they come from, or which pages are most appealing to average users. Those are interesting facts but all that data is historical. It only shows what has already happened in the past. Our Google Analytics Forecast Tool provides many different benefits and helps you to increase the value of your Google Analytics data. Learn more »

*Use Churn Prediction to Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Successful customer acquisition is a basic condition for market success. If you want to enter a business, you have to either know how to acquire your customers or find people that can do it for you. Either way, you have to spend money and have to keep spending if you want your business to be stable or even grow further. Because of this, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is one of the most important metrics in business. Learn more »

*Smart Selling with Predictive Lead Scoring

Who is most likely to buy products or services offered by your company? Knowing this, can make the entire marketing process much more efficient and therefore much more lucrative. This results in higher sales and bigger market success. But how can we know this important information in advance? Here, smart selling using predictive lead scoring based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes to help! Learn more »

*AI powered Customer Journey

By the year 2016, more than 50 % of the high-performing marketing agencies were already focused on customer experience initiatives, building their marketing campaigns. This development evolved even more in the last two years. Customer journeys powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future we are heading to. Learn more »



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