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What is Customer or User Churn?

Customer churn can have various definitions but we here focus on churn in free-to-play (F2P) apps and games. In F2P, users do not perform a particular action that indicates their leave explicitly. For example, a cancellation notice in a monthly subscription business. Instead, users churn quietly and one has to observe their behavior carefully in order to recognize their churn. One has to find the last session of users before they will never return again on their own. However, how can we do so? Can we be certain that a user does not return after 14 days of inactivity? Or after 21 days? This questions cannot be answered in general but has to be decided for each app individually. Fortunately, this is also a question that we can answer in a data-driven way.

Predict Churn

Predicting churn allows you to proactively take measures to prevent churn before it actually happens. There are multiple ways to predict customer churn based on different types of data. At, we focus on predicting churn based on telemetric user behavior.

Consider a mobile game for example. After installing the app, the players will be highly engaged and our AI will receive various kinds of events. Over time, our AI learns a model that predicts how likely it is that a player will continue to be engaged based on these events. These prediction can then be used to personalize the communication, tailor personalized offers, or adjust in game content. More examples can be found below.

Churn predictions in's dashboard.
Churn predictions in's dashboard.

Explain Churn

Knowing your churners in advance is already extremely helpful. However, additionally explaining the reasons for churn is even more valuable, as it describes the problem in terms of your product or service. By analyzing our machine learning models in detail, we are able to provide you with detailed reports that describes the reasons for churn in your app, on your website, or in your SaaS product.

Prevent Churn

Once users on the fence have been identified, it is time to take action. We offer various integrations and solutions, to make use of the predictions in different churn prevention campaigns. A simple example is messaging or e-mailing these user with special offers or gifts (see case studies below). However, we also offer more complex solutions such as dynamic content adaptation to change your product in such a way that it reflects the desires of your customers. One particular example is dynamic difficulty adjustment in games.

Case Studies & More

Here are some examples where we conducted a churn analysis, predicted churn with high accuracy, or successfully prevented churn.

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