Find the signal within the noise

Predict customer behavior

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Start with one, or combine them all to create complex customer engagements


Our algorithms learn which customers are likely to convert on their own and which customers need some encouragement to do so. Combine with our Engage product to increase sales.


Our algorithms learn when your customers are likely to churn, so that you can proactively reach out to them. Combine with our Engage product to increase user retention and repeat sales.


Our algorithms search your data to uncover user personas based on psychometric and behavioral classifications. Useful when you want to broadly engage groups of similar users.


Our multi-channel messaging product. Send personalized push notifications, or target users with high-converting emails. Combine with any of our customer segmentation products.
Prediction View
We present predictions in an intuitive way that helps your team better understand your customer’s potential
Add Your Own Predictions
Predict repeat purchases, subscription cancelations or anything that you can think of based on your own data

How it works

  • Connect to through one of our supported integrations and we’ll begin processing your data
  • We'll work with you to understand your needs and create the right combination of predictions and classifications to achieve your goals
  • We'll observe your user behavior, analyzing thousands of unique data points, and generate the initial predictive models
  • Use our suite of tools to engage your customers in a highly targeted and personalized way
  • Alternately access our prediction scores via our API and augment your own internal data
  • As your customers respond to your engagement campaigns, our predictions will evolve and improve



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