goedle.io's Machine Learning API is your marketing automation buddy.

Our API eases your daily workload and lays the base for your Marketing Automation. It shows you your profitable micro-segments, it tells you which users to take care of, and it knows when to engage users.

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We show you the DNA of your prototypical user for differently engaged micro-segments in a clear way - but it doesn't stop here. With regular reports we keep you up to date on your efforts in improving the user experience of your app. You can then use these insights from our reports directly in your app by querying these user characteristics via the API.


Use the insight reports for a coarse overview and consume our API for your needs on the user level. Query our API for different micro-segments, user characteristics, or predictions. Additionally, our API provides a push notification service that helps you to reach out to your users. Place our API at the heart of your personalized marketing automation tasks and turn wavers into patrons, or non-buyers into premium users.

How it Works

  • Stream your app and user data to our backend servers via our own SDK, adjust-callbacks, or one of our other integrations (Segment, Google Tag Manager, and many more).
  • The app and user data is aggregated on our servers.
  • Subsequently, the data is enriched by our machine learning algorithms.
  • The uniquely enriched data is made available through our reports and API.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in working with us.

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